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Logging of aerobatic time in gliders

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2015 10:58 am
by don kuehn
I have been in conversation via emails and phone with Robert Gillespie, Technical Lead Team/Flight Operations/Transport Canada re the logging of aerobatic time. He has in turn consulted another Flight Operations member who is involved with power aerobatics. To summarize Transport Canada's position as they understand it:
Transport Canada has no formal requirement in this area (except the requirement of 1 hour every six months to carry passengers on aerobatic flights) and the entire flight could be counted as aerobatic time. However, as a "reasonable compromise" (similar to power aerobatic pilots not logging time in transit to and from their aerobatic practice areas) he agreed with me that logging the entire flight time minus .1 hours to account for the tow time to altitude would be acceptable. Left unsaid was the issue of time spent thermaling back up to height for more aerobatics during a flight (which might reasonably be treated the same as power planes re-climbing to altitude while conducting aerobatic maneuvers). He said that it wouldn't be necessary to revise times already logged, but to just use this method going forward bearing in mind that it isn't a 'legal' TC requirement but rather an acceptable practice. Hopefully this will somewhat clarify the issue.