Scholarship Program Revised

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Charles Petersen
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Scholarship Program Revised

Post by Charles Petersen » Sun Dec 02, 2018 9:10 pm

Well, we had the Annual General Meeting of Youth Flight Canada this week, and several interesting things to share:

The Board of Directors is now me (Chairman), Eva (President) Tracey (Secretary) Dave Springford (VP) and Tom Fraser, Will Vanderburgh and Molly Gibson. Virginia Thompson remains our Treasurer and Executive Director

The amount of the scholarship has been increased to $1000, and the number reduced to 10 from 20. Additional money may =be available from SAC. We are open to assist with the cost of qualifying as an Instructor

'Extra' volunteer time will be reduced to an assigned task (e.g. wax an assigned glider or trailer)

The new K-21 will offer free airtime and conversion to glass in the world's number 1 choice of primary and intermediate trainer and additional free solo time in either the 21 or a single seater will be provided

Training will consist of dual time in the 21 to solo plus 5 solo flights, then on to solo to practice skills taught (at present 1-34, but a Junior if I can arrange it).

The sum awarded should be good for almost 30 tows, and we anticipate 5 to 10 flights to solo in the 21,
the Bronze Badge will continue to be the objective

We will attempt to arrange interesting field trips for the scholarship recipients (e.g. AC Flight sim time, CWHM, GWFM, etc

We will explore a 'job fair' program for the GM Toronto for those interested in becoming an Airline Transport Pilot to introduce YFC to a wider audience and to facilitate the choices of thoe=se seeking a career in aviation.

Early days, but I'm excited about the coming season...
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Bruce Bishop
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Re: Scholarship Program Revised

Post by Bruce Bishop » Thu Dec 20, 2018 6:41 pm


Is there any off season volunteer work required that can support the program.

Bruce on behalf of Cole

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