Revised 2017 Badge Claim Form

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Revised 2017 Badge Claim Form

Post by Charles Petersen » Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:39 am

The claim form for an FAI badge has been modified as follows:
Duration Claim - 2017 requires Aerotow/Winch Launch Certificate, 2016 doesn't.
- Duration Flight Certificate - 2017, no 1000m height loss requirement (did on 2016 version)
- IGC recorder evidence Certificate section - deleted "If there is more than one FR or PR on board, the OO must be made aware of the presence of each and the .igc file for them must be submitted to the OO post-flight. The declaration data must be identical, but SC3-2.3.1d may apply for Silver or Gold claims"
so you don't have to take .igc from each recorder.
- Distance and Goal claims section: now needs Aerotow/Winch release certificate (didn't in 2016)
- FAI Badge Documentation changes:
now "Difference" of Height Certificate not "Loss" of Height Certificate
Everything needs Aerotow/Winch release certificate
Here is the new form.
Badge Application Form 2017.pdf
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