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When we Resume

Post by Charles Petersen » Wed May 20, 2020 9:52 am

Here is a post from r.a.s by Cindy Brickner, a well-known instructor and FBO operator, alerting the gliding community to unusual danger:
There has been less flying this spring due to Covid-19, yet a 30% increase in horrific accidents in the US 2019 vs. 2020.
A letter went out today urging several good ideas to consider by clubs and businesses to help reverse this trend.
Webinars, ground school sessions, additional dual checks before return to solo flight, simulator training, all offer methods to keep our brains & skills sharper.

This past Saturday was our first flight day since early March.
I spent :30 before first launch in a session like my Convention NTSB talks, where we diagnose what could
POSSIBLY have created the kiting fatality.
The 3 students and one rated pilot, plus towpilot, all had good ideas. Possibilities offered were:
Weight & balance, lack of recency, poor skills, incorrect trim, crazy weather, wrong tow hook CG vs nose.
But none had the 'distraction' answer that was likely the Byron cause.

I added a round of talking about canopy openings (prevalence) 2 of 5 present (not me) had direct experience!

Where do you put your left hand during launch? Does it have as productive job? I teach to block spoilers closed, Not Holding that handle, blocking.

Then we covered how our normal ops could provide distractions (falling radio, incomplete checklists, launch chattycathys, startled passengers, etc).
Then we covered what I view as our site's specific greatest risk.

The 2 students made a dual flight first. The rated member took a higher than minimum tow ( on my urging).

We are not immune to accidents here, but I do my damndest to forestall that outcome.

I also teach addressing progressive laudable sites in the departure climb. From June 2018, free and at this link....

https://www.ssa.org/webinar/Takeoff%20D ... 20Them.mp4

Please. Please, soar safely.
Cindy B
They will soar on wings like eagles - Isaiah 40:3`

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