Local Flying Limits

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Charles Petersen
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Local Flying Limits

Post by Charles Petersen » Fri Sep 20, 2019 11:12 am

This week one of our members was observed flying a glass twin low (est. 3500' MSL) as far West as Arthur/Hwy 6. That was at a time of day when only two other members were present, less than required to derig one of these. If you doubt, check out the weight of the wing next time the Grob or ASK-21 needs rigging or derigging.

So, we have limits:
*Local Flying
*Extended Local Flying, and
*Cross Country

We use distance and glide ratios for these limits, and the formula is sometimes termed the '10, 20, 30 Rule' Here's how it works.

Local Flying
You need to be at pattern altitude when you get back to the field, so your Reserve Altitude is 2500'. For the first 1000' above that (3500') you can use a ratio or 10:1, but always upwind of the field. That works out to 3 Km, so don't go West of the 3rd Line for example. For the next 1000', i.e. when at 4500' MSL, you can go a further distance at 20:1, - or an additional 6 Km. So at 4500' MSL, if you are upwind, you add the additional 6 Km. to the 3 Km, for 9 Km, and you could go as far as Hwy 6. Those are the limits until you are on the Level II of the Bronze Badge, then you can graduate to

Extended Local Flying
This adds to the previous limits with additional altitude, at the published glide ratio of your ship. So, for a 1-34, with a little better than 30:1, you can use the full 30:1, or an additional 9 Km/1000' for a ' race track' exercise. So, if you are 20 Km away, and upwind, you better have 5500'+ MSL

Cross Country
When you have completed your Bronze Badge, you can use the Extended Local, and after you have done the 5-hour Siver C duration, you can attempt the 50+ Km Silver C distance leg. And when you have your Silver C, you can fly X/C to practice for or make the flights for the Gold and beyond.

But the Grob 103 and the K-21's are not to be considered Cross Country machines. We have the DG 500 for dual, and the 1-34's and LS-4 for solo.

A gradual and measured approach to full authorization...
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Re: Local Flying Limits

Post by jwlemke » Fri Sep 20, 2019 11:34 am

Good to spell out the limits. Thanks Charles.

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