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Sugarbush VT - 2 Beds Available

Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 5:44 pm
by John Brake
The annual Sugarbush expedition will occur 5-13 Oct this year. Leaving on a Saturday and returning the following Sunday.

There are two beds available in the condos that have been rented. Cost for accommodations is approximately $300 CAD, depending on how many people attend (currently 9, space for 11). Two of our regulars have had to change their plans this year, so their loss can be your gain.

This is a great opportunity to get away and fly at another site. Sugarbush has thermal, ridge and mountain wave soaring. It's gorgeous scenery, especially when up high. We fly at member rates. Check out their website:

We take down the DG-500 and equip it with oxygen so it can fly above 10,000 feet in the wave.

Interested? Get in contact with John Brake (647) 239-1314, or through the forum. You could be flying in the mountains in three weeks 8-)