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York Expeditionary Force Invasion

Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 11:51 am
by Charles Petersen
There will be several gliders from York at Seminole Lake Gliderport this winter. In addition to my own CP, Jim Fryett will bring newly acquired K2 (transitioning to JF?) and Mark Lightfoot will bring his newly acquired (from Jim) LAK 17, and of course, York's DG 500 will again be rigged for Canadian pilots in Shawn's hangar.

Consider joining us to fly the 500. The weather in November is usually pretty good, a little less so in December, worse in January (I always try to travel that month), but turns good again mid-February, and great in March. Great = 5-6000' cloudbases. I have flown a declared 500 Km in March, despite the shorter days.

So consider it and c'mon dawn y'all...