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On a Roll

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 11:49 am
by Charles Petersen
Our own Cole Bishop, a glider pilot and power pilot for less than two months (birthday July 1st), earned his Bronze Badge, which I had the honour to present to him at the Freedom's Wings fundraising dinner Saturday evening where around ~40 of us enjoyed a steak dinner, - also cooked by Cole and his wingman and dad Bruce, and that followed his 5 hour duration flight for the second of his Silver C badge.

He and Bruce are the new-this-season Chapter Managers of the York Chapter of Freedom's Wings, and dong an impressive performance filling the large shoes of John and Tracey.

Both are also coming, - again the first to volunteer, to the Brantford Charity Air Show this Wednesday.

This young star is blazing a bright path across the York sky, and I salute him. He makes me feel tired just watching...