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Club Governance-Organizational

Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 1:56 pm
by Tim Wood
At the recent AGM, significant changes were made to the size of our Board. It was reduced to nine members. Also, a discussion took place about how the new Board will function. No longer can it be a "working Board" in which its members do the lion's share of the operating management, as in the recent past. From here forward a number of operating committees, that will report to the Board, will take on the various areas of operating management, such as fleet planning (already working), social activities (already working), field maintenance, aircraft maintenance, marketing, towing, instructing, strategic planning etc.etc. It was recognized that to make this work well, which it should, all members will have to volunteer for committee work. Maybe 3-4 committees each. My expectation is that club members will be very willing to step into this kind of structure. I repeat this recent history for the benefit of club members who were not present at the AGM.

I call upon the new Board to act quickly and decisively to get these committees set up, probably by making it the responsibility of a strong Director to create the initial committee infrastructure. Lets go.

I call upon club members to coperate, volunteer, and give generously of their time and energy. We can make YSA an even better club, based on the wonderful assets we have, and based on volunteer labour to the extent possible to keep our costs at an affordable level.

Best Regards
Tim Wood