Club Water Status

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John Brake
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Club Water Status

Post by John Brake » Fri May 10, 2019 5:10 pm

The water is ON !

The water has not yet been tested (normally done early June) but we've always had acceptable readings.

Kitchen is operational
Both washrooms are operational

All 5 water spigots are operational
Only ONE of the 3 washroom/shower units is hooked up -- use the one closest to the roadway
The accessible washroom has shower/sink working. DO NOT USE THE TOILET!!!! The toilet is not connected

Apparently the cleaning pixies died over the winter and have not been replaced.
Many thanks to Mark Araujo and Tim Wood for cleaning the kitchen -- VERY nasty job.
The clubhouse has been cleaned up but still needs some work.
The working washroom/shower unit by the workshop could use some TLC. Wear gloves. Napalm might prove useful.
The non-working washroom/shower units could use a cleaning, too. Not much left for the plumber to do before getting these working.

Still spongy. Please do not drive on the grass.

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