May Cleanup

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Tim Wood
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May Cleanup

Post by Tim Wood » Fri May 03, 2019 5:52 am

Dear fellow-members
Where else can you
-get tows 7 days a week all summer long?
-operate from a generous 200 acre field with runways in every imaginable direction?
-no WestJets buzzing the field with heads-inside pilots?
-be surrounded by the exuberance of youth?
-enjoy a large fleet of gliders, from lowly 2-33s to the high performance DG500 and LS4 and lots in between?
-enjoy the well-equipped clubhouse, kitchen and campground?
-learn from experienced fellow pilots?
- get top-notch flying instruction?
-get help in progressing through FAI badges and cross country flying?
- and lots more.....

Come out at the weekend and help clean up after another brutal winter so that you will be ready to fly when the mud dries up!

Stan will tell you what to do to help. He needs all of us to help.

Cheers, Tim Wood

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