Season End DG 500 at Seminole Lake Florida

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Charles Petersen
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Season End DG 500 at Seminole Lake Florida

Post by Charles Petersen » Thu Apr 11, 2019 5:36 pm

Well, it's all over for the winter season at the York Soaring outpost Seminole Lake Florida. And, to emphasize the success, Mike Collier, after yesterday's final flight, was unable to fill out a flight card; they were all used up :o

A team (Mike Collier and two of his buddies from Tampa Bay Soaring, Tom Fraser, Mike Ronan and myself) derigged the ship and put it back in the trailer for the tow North by Mike Ronan.

BTW, it will be earlier than previously planned, Mike's leaving the 22nd and will have it back the 23rd of 24th.

Eddy, do you want it dropped off at your shop for an interior makeover?

Some notes:
The tailwheel is hard to inflate. You need a valve extension, and, if you can't get it on the stub of the valve stem, you can let the air out (hold the tail aloft with the tail dolly) releasing the stem so you can install the extension. DO NOT FLY IT WITH UNDERINFLATED TIRES! The sudden acceleration from zero RPM to thousands (in the case especially of the small tailwheel) will rotate the tire and shear the valve stem causing an unrepairable leak. New tube required...

The belts have been removed and will be sent to GJ's in Manitoba for rewebbing. (Mine are going too)

The interior panels must be either replaced or glued back in place (are you listening Eddy?)

The tie-down belt for the tail boom needs replacement/repair.

The guard strap over the port-side strut has fallen off and needs reattachment.

Mike, Stan, Wayne, or Eddy, anything to add?
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Stan Martin
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Re: Season End DG 500 at Seminole Lake Florida

Post by Stan Martin » Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:43 pm

I cannot think of anything else that needs attention other than the clean up of the interior panels.

Eddy is expecting it at his place.

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