Open Cirrus for sale

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Open Cirrus for sale

Post by Ken Del Piero » Sun Mar 10, 2019 5:13 pm

So it looks like I will have another glider to fly in 2019. As much as I would like to keep both and start a "fleet," even if I could afford it, I honestly don't have the time to fly two gliders. (Hmmm. Maybe that's why I have only one wife . . . ).

I was talking with Dave Springford at SOSA about belts for the "new" sailplane and we got talking about the Cirrus. He asked for more information as there some people there looking to buy something. I sent him a summary and then realized that I should make sure that people at York know as well. After all, it was originally bought as a York club ship.

Dave asked me about the price. Here's what I wrote:

So, regarding the price on the Cirrus . . . It’s always hard to come up with a number.

Here’s a summary, if you want to pass this on to the guys: One sold recently in Alberta and is now at Saskatoon Soaring. It went for around $20,000 Canadian. In the ‘States they seem to be advertised for between $15,000 to 19,000 USD. So again, $20,000 CDN.

I am marking mine down for two reasons — the trailer and the wing finish.

The original German trailer is primitive — never improved — so it doesn’t help with rigging at all. And it should also be re-skinned someday. I had plans to improve the trailer. Primarily, replace the small rear door with a full-width one and rework the tracks so the wings can come straight out. Then the fuselage could stay on the tracks while rigging. Big improvement. If I were to keep it I think I could make the trailer work well.

The wings have passed annual without comment. I think they look rough. I was looking at filling and sanding and then getting a car dealer here in Guelph (with a long paint booth) to shoot them with urethane. He figured about $1,500.

To the plus, at less than 1200 hours it may be the lowest time Cirrus around. It is a joy to fly. Great visibility.

Despite what some people have said about a C of G hook, I’ve never had a problem with it trying to wander off on take-off, even with a cross-wind. The spoilers are more than adequate. The Open Cirrus is one of the aircraft Piggot recommends in his book Gliding Safety, for low-time pilots buying their first sailplane. (He does not recommend the Standard Cirrus, or even the Libelle, so he seems to be setting a high standard.).

S-H claimed 44:1 but realistically I’m sure it must be under 40:1 — but that’s plenty. It’s been fun to realize that I can make the home field when I can’t even see it!

It comes with basic instruments and wing covers.

Long story short . . . I’m looking for $15,000 CDN, but open to a good offer.

I haven't advertised it yet, so locals have first crack at it.



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