"A Stitch in Time"

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"A Stitch in Time"

Post by Charles Petersen » Tue Mar 05, 2019 1:15 pm

Alas, it seems that members using a club glider, all too often, are lethargic about thorough Daily Inspections and the repair of small defects. And then the consequences grow, and although Rob McCallum and his mates are very diligent, the required attention can get more onerous until it actually affects the suitable for flight equation before it is fixed.

Examples from HQJ, the DG 500, have been manifesting themselves as I function as a local custodian during the winter season in Florida. One is the tailwheel. The inflation was not maintained at adequate pressure, so the sudden rotation of the tire occasioned by the landing rotated the tire on the wheel, and the tube sticks to the tire, and the valve stem resists, and the force tears a fissure where the stem enters the tire. No spare tube, so utilizing the tube from the tail dolly was tried. Wrong tube (45 degrees not 90), and so I found a spare in my garage and ordere3d new tire and tube. The result was about half a dozen changes until we arrived at the new tire and tube installed.

Another example, the battery, new in June of 2017, failed. Why, because it is bad for a battery not to be recharged after use, and all too often gliders are put away at day's end with the batteries still installed, and then used further the next day and the next, and not put on charge until they won't function. So, necessary to replace this battery. The repaired list includes a few more examples, and a couple of not-caused-by-neglect ones too (including the new radio with a display you can actually read, - thanks Stan for ordering, Mike for installing, and Peter Rawes for making the connection converter).

Now it's the shock cord that closes the gear doors. "Been that way for a while" it has.


So, I urge all members, when you see something wrong that you can fix (e.g worn out gap seal tape) to defer flying and repair it. If it's beyond your expertise or parts are required, snag it. I always told my sons, when you borrow something, make sure you give it back as good or better than it was when you took it. That would apply well to our fleet too. We are a community, a club, and not a business. Let's show more pride in our gliders and other assets.
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